Jill Kelly


Fall Allergies and how to identify

The leaves changing colors and falling is beautiful, but can also bring in fall allergies. Allergies can affect people in the spring, summer, fall, winter, during multiple seasons, or year-round. Different times of year bring different allergens (things that you react to and lead to allergy symptoms). Some allergies are easy to identify by the pattern or symptoms that follow exposure to particular substances, but others may not be as obvious and masquerade as other conditions.

Updated Breastfeeding Guidance from the AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently updated their guidance to continue to recommend exclusive breastfeeding for six months, with complementary foods introduced around six months.  However, the new policy supports continued breastfeeding until two years and beyond, as mutually desired by mother and child.

Brentwood Pediatric Care Baby Sleeping

How to get your infant to sleep through the night

Often the baby needs to be close to 3-4 months old and a good size to sleep through the night and not need to feed.  Of course, there are other factors, like medical conditions and smaller babies that can delay or prevent this process, but for most healthy babies, you can follow these steps and be on your way to sleeping through the night in no time!